Welcome to Nepal: Spring 2019

If you are planning to go for a vacation this spring, but, have not decided where to venture to yet, then Nepal is more than just a notable option; it is nature’s playground and a marvel of natural and cultural assortments. If you are keen to learn about new cultures, view amazing mountains, and relish the practices of dazzling festivals then it's not too late for you as spring is just around the corner. Whether it is to explore the countless numbers of ancient temples, Trekking in Nepal TheHimalayas or participate in exciting festivals such as Holi; there is always something here for you to immerse yourself in and have an enjoyable time.

Trekking and Hiking in Nepal at Top 

Among the various options that Nepal extends to its to-be-explorers, Trekking, hiking, and peak climbing are activities for the adrenaline seekers who prefer genuine natural involvement in their journeys. Spring, considered the best season for trekking along with autumn, presents euphoric ambiance in and around the trails with profuse participation of the budding and blooming nature. As Trekking in Nepal takes you through forested trails, the hues of red, orange, and green festoon the routes along with variants of other mellow colors. Rhododendron, the national flower of the country, is omnipresent and guarantees nature’s sublime participation. Everest Base Camp Trek, Annapurna Base Camp Trek,  Ghorepani Poon Hill Trek, Dolpo Trek, Langtang Valley Trek, and Makalu Base Camp Trek are a few instances where spring cordially marks its arrival in quite exquisite fashion. Also, Peak Climbing destinations like Mera Peak Climbing (6461m), Island Peak Climbing (6189m), Pisang Peak Climbing (^091m), are also viable to answer the call of the Himalayas.

You cant Miss Day Tours And Hike 

Kathmandu Besides trekking and mountaineering activities, Tour in Nepal the cities also ensure you a glimpse of the jubilation that spring invites into the lives of the people. Nepal is a gold mine for tours, starting right at the heart of the country in the capital city Kathmandu. The UNESCO World Heritage sites, historical temples, and rapturous celebration of Holi await your arrival in the valley. Unlike Kathmandu, which is vibrant and chaotic, Pokhara is another famous city in Nepal that has become a hub for tourists due to its calm and beautiful ambiance. Tour in Pokhara includes exploring sites like Davis Falls, Mahendra Cave, world peace pagoda, and numerous temples. It is also renowned for boat rides in the serene Phewa Lake while viewing the majestic Machhapuchhre(6997m) And Annapurna Ranges Its lakeside shops and restaurants, and other thrilling activities such as bike riding or paragliding are other enjoyable activities to engage yourself into. Lumbini, the religious epicenter of Buddhism And Chitwan a destination offering in-depth natural exploration in the tropical forests are other prime destinations for touring.

 Immerse in Local Festivals. 

Furthermore, you have the option of joining the celebration of various festivals that happen in Nepal. A festival you will not want to miss this spring is Holi: the Hindu festival of colors. Whole Nepal gets together in the ecstatic celebration with water and colored powders. It is best to wear a pair of old clothes during this period along with a glass. The Nepalese New Year also occurs during spring and you can witness the nightlife of the cities. Lastly, another festival you might want to check out is Buddha Jayanti which marks the birth date of Lord Buddha.  Lumbini, the birthplace of Buddha, glorifies this day and is the best place to be in this auspicious day. Thousands of Buddhist followers visit Lumbini during this time.

Experience Top Notch Adventure sports. 

Spring is also a fun time to engage in adventure sports. Rafting in Nepal, Bungee jumping in Nepal, canoeing, Paragliding, Biking, kayaking, and rock climbing are fun activities you can participate in to get your share of thrill. The rivers during spring are clean with just the right amount of cold inherited from their Himalayan origins and offer unreal water-related activities like rafting, kayaking, and canoeing. Surrounded by amazing landscapes with friendly and highly Skilled Instructors your aquatic involvement in Nepal is destined to reap life-long memories. Trishuli,  Seti,  and Bhote Koshi Rivers are famous destinations for rafting and similar activities. Pokhara and The Last Resort near the Nepal-China border are two of the best destinations for bungee jumping. Similarly, Nagarjun, Phulchowki, Balaju, and Hattiban are the celebrated spots around Kathmandu which allow you to indulge in rock climbing. 

With the cold going away and the steady warmth approaching, spring is truly one of the best seasons to visit Nepal to fully experience and enjoy all that this country has to offer. The resplendent nature and the humble Nepalese welcome you to this gem of a country to quench your thirst for travel and exciting experiences. Pack your bags and head to Nepal. We, at  Reasonable Treks And Tour, ensure you that Nepal will exceed the expectation of yours, even more so if you choose us as your travel companion.