Our Team

Reasonable Team Mananged by  Dedicated And Expert Guide & Staff:

Nepal Himalaya, one of the leading countries for all types of adventure from soft-moderate-adventurous to challenging treks and other outdoor activities, to run and organize and providing safe and secure with money worth of holidays is a great responsibility among tour operators of Nepal and abroad.

Reasonable Treks & Tour provides veteran and expert guides and staff to look after our valuable clients and customer in every treks and tour that we run and offer, where all wide-world travelers feels at home in the hand of secure and most trustworthy staff and guides that we offer. all our staff is dedicated making sure that every trip that we run and organize a winner and a great success where our clients feel at ease and comfortable with our professional and excellent services. besides running treks, we make sure that every customer is well satisfied with our outmost services, we are fully committed to Responsible Tourism as well Eco-Tourism taking care of our beautiful environment and culture maintaining as it is without disturbing the eco-system of Nepal and surrounding Himalaya countries.

  • Anil Dhungana

    Anil Dhungana

    Managing Director

    Mr. Anil Dhungana, the co-founder and Managing Director of Reasonable Treks and Tour, always knew what he wanted to do in his life. Having been born in a remote village beautiful in Sindhupalchowk district, he soon began to understand the opportunities and exposure tourism would bring these parts. Hence, after finishing his Bachelor’s humanities and social science, the pull of the Himalayas had him working as a porter. However, with abundant local knowledge, a desire to do more and fast learning skills, he quickly moved up to become a professional travel guide. As a guide, he received a lot of love and admirations from fellow explorers, who encouraged him to start his own company. This dream of his finally became a reality in 2017 when he established Reasonable Treks and Tour. A company that understands and values its local community and employees as it does its travelers.  


  • Saroj Dhungana

    Saroj Dhungana

    Executive Director

    A man with vision and skill, Mr. Saroj Dhungana has been in the tourism industry for over a decade. An expert on leading treks and tours, as well as organizing successful holiday trips in and around Nepal, Bhutan, and Tibet, he has mastered the workings in the industry. The Executive Director of Reasonable Treks and Tour Mr. Saroj Dhungana was born and raised in farm villages of Sindhupalchowk district which is just a few hours’ driving journeys from the capital Kathmandu. An avid lover of the mountains, soon after completing his studies Mr.Dhungana started his career as a guide leading wide-world travelers and showing the wonders of Himalaya. This fondness and interest grew to its full form when Mr. Dhungana established his own adventure company called Responsible Treks and Expeditions. A company that delivers the worthy experience that the clients cannot get enough of!

  • Kimberly Jane Stein

    Kimberly Jane Stein

    International Marketing Operator

    I have traveled around the entire world, to every continent and every world wander, but nothing compares to the beauty of Nepal. The reason i am very passionate about Nepal is because among the mountainous beauty lies the most humble people who will invite you into their home after meeting you for one minute.  Reasonable Treks and Tour company has won my heart because i have worked with them for a very long time and I personally know that they go above and beyond to help their customers. Nepal has me coming back again and again to visit some of favorite places, such as:  Everest base camp trek, with impressive snow capped mountains, Annapurna's gorgeous mountains, Pokhara Lake sunset boatride, Chitwan safari and the very interesting historical heritages places. The monkeys surround the temples and make me laugh so much!! Nagerkot and Pokhara Lake have the best sunsets you will ever see in your life!! Sarangot and Poon Hill have the world's best sunrise that you will ever see in your life. My dream and hope is to help more foreigners come to visit Nepal  and uncover one the world's best hidden treasures of beauty. 

  • Ram Tamang

    Ram Tamang

    Trekking Guide

     Trekking and Tour Guide of Reasonable Treks and Tour, Mr. Ram, a young man with extreme knowledge to handle all types of trips as he himself very passionate in the tourism industry and activities.

    With more than 10 years experience, Mr. Ram will be the best trekking guide to keep you safe, while hiking Everest Base Camp. Mr. Ram is born in the high mountainous regions of Nepal and has been working as a climbing guide since his teenage years. He has completed extensive training courses to help people reach high altitudes of the Himalayan mountains without getting altitude sickness. His reputation is known all throughout Nepal as an expert mountain guide. Every trip has led all his customers reaching high altitudes with a grand success.