About Us

Reasonable Treks and Tour (p) Ltd works to fulfill your travel needs in a practical and comprehensive manner. Traveling to the Himalayas requires great skill and we use our expertise to give a travel experience that is well worth the money you spend. From the start, we identify your travel needs, and only then we formulate a travel plan best suited for you. The founders recognized the need for a professional tour company that was thorough in their organizing and executing, this when Reasonable Treks and Tour was established. A need-specific company that caters to worldwide travelers as they embark on a journey to wonderful destinations in Nepal, Tibet, and Bhutan, we exercise personalized touches in our services whilst keeping an esteemed profile on responsible tourism.

Run and managed by a team of professionals, Reasonable Treks and Tour is located in the heart of the capital- Thamel, a tourist hotspot where many adventures take flight. The area offers plenty to do for travelers, with plentiful food and shopping options immersed in local artisans. While you enjoy the beauty of the area, our team works to bring forth quality offerings led by expert guides with valued skills and insights of the rich flora/ fauna, heritage, and culture of the country. Our strong values to provide the best have been embedded in our clients as well, who give us excellent feedback and have become our recurrent customers. Since our inception, we have had great success in keeping both our travelers and staff safe. We credit much of our success to our dedicated staffs which includes guides, on-field staffs such as porters and cooks, who are all capable to provide great service in the tricky terrains of the Himalayas. Additionally, through our thorough attention to detail, we have discovered that the majority of travel comfort in the Himalayas is derived from how we move through the challenging trails. To ensure that the explorers experience comfort while on road trips, we use drivers trained to handle varied terrains and keep you safe.

Hence, join us and travel with our team of experienced and skilled veteran staff that provides you with everything you need as you travel amongst some of the most splendid wonders in the world. 

  • Bhutan Travel Guide

    About Bhutan Located in the lap of eastern Himalayas, tucked in between Tibet and India, Bhutan is one of the pristine domains situated in South Asia. This unblemished land is renowned for immense natural allurement, cultural heritage, and fascinating wildlife. Bhutan is highly influenced by Buddhist culture thus; Buddhism is a major religion here whereas Hinduism is the second most…

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  • Company Profile

    Reasonable Treks And Tour (p) Ltd, a rising native company of Nepal established past five years, although a fresh and new adventure company, run and managed by professional tourism professional an expert in handling all types of trekking, climbing and cultural tour around Himalayan destination of Nepal, Tibet, and Bhutan. Mr. Anil who has been in the tourism industry for…

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  • Nepal Travel Guide

    About Nepal With great many immense natural beauty and cultural allurements, Nepal is legitimately a paradise on earth. Nepal truly is an astonishing country offering spectacular landscapes, iconic mountains, awe-inspiring lakes, and medieval valleys. The diversified geography of Nepal boasts eight out of fourteen highest peaks on earth including the world's highest mountain Mt. Everest (8848m) alongside world's highest lake…

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  • Payment And Booking

    Payment Options and Method There are two options to make the payment i.e. Bank Transfer and Credit Cards (Master/Visa/American Express/Union Pay/JCB/SCT Card.). In the Booking Application Form given to you, you will have to mention the preferred form of payment along with the details of your card if you’re using Credit Card as the mode of payment. However,…

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  • Terms and Conditions

    First and foremost, the company extends its heartfelt appreciation to all the clients who have chosen Reasonable Treks and Tour Pvt. Ltd or even considered us as your trekking agency, we are pleased to make our services available to you. Reasonable Treks and Tour Pvt. Ltd is a travel and tour company which is legally registered 170876/074/075 – Company…

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  • Tibet Travel Guide

    About Tibet Situated in East Asia, Tibet covers about 2.5 million square kilometers of the total land on earth. Comprising of undulating rivers, numerous sky soaring the Himalayas and wide arid land, Tibet has been able to become one of the most favored tourist sites around the world. Tibet is also known as "Roof of the world" as its average…

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  • Why with Us?

    Careful attention during your stay in Nepal We understand that our travelers come from all around the world, hence to make them feel more welcomed in the country we constantly debrief them about what to expect here. Be it the cultural aspects, safety measures to undertake or simply basic information about the country, we make sure all of it is…

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