Top 5 Outdoor Activities in the Nepal Himalaya: Visit Nepal 2019/2020

Nepal offers more than Himalayan adventures, jungle safaris, and spiritual resorts. Although travel in Nepal involves any one or all of these, there is much more to experience and adventure. You can spend a lot of time here and the only leaf through a handful of what Nepal has in store. Outdoor activities in Nepal are gaining popularity and a host of undertakings like rafting, Mountian biking, paragliding, bungee jumping, and Helicopter Tours make up for an action-packed trip. Each activity is distinct from one another yet equally as thrilling. And the best part, it can be accommodated into a pre-booked tour itinerary. To add to that, Nepal offers a tranquil setting with pleasant weather throughout the year which makes it an ideal destination for these activities. Suited for most age groups with a fair level of fitness, these activities cater to all kinds of thrill seekers. Make sure you fix on activity and book it on time as peak seasons tend to attract suitors. Now, let's take you through 5 of the most popular activities.

Rafting in Nepal

The joy of a plunge is made thrilling with a white water rafting trip on one of the famous rivers in Nepal. With water resources abundant and falling short only to Brazil, Nepal lives up to its name. Trishuli, Bhotekoshi, Karnali, sun Koshi, and Seti rivers offer perfect currents for one to experience the best rafting trip. It can be taken up as a 1-day trip or a 10-day adventure and either as rafting in a group or solo kayaking. During the adventure, a stay at some of the best riverside stops in this country makes up a classic trip. With porters to set up camp and bonfires in the evening, a rafting trip in Nepal is a taste of nature with a twist. Karnali and Bhote Koshi rivers rafting are Class 5 rafting trips with powerful sections of rapids that require prior experience and strong paddling. However, smaller rapids are also available to the ones who just want to test the waters rather than going a full-throttle adventure.


Bungee Jump. 

Nothing thrills more than sweeping your feet off of the ground and a freefall taking you down at great speed. Bungee Jump in Nepal is a unique experience as you take a plunge off a platform suspended on a harness. Two of the main Bungee jumps in Nepal are at Bhote Koshi River Gorge in Kodari near the Nepal-China border and in Pokhara. The drop is 160m of a suspension bridge that takes you on a freefall of around 3 seconds above the Bhote Koshi River. Tandem Swing, another option, will take you on a freefall of over 6 seconds. Both are the best in the country while the other in Pokhara is operated by High Ground Adventures and lets you jump off a platform. Prices depend on nationality as local’s bungee for 5000-5500 rupees while it’s USD 92-100 for foreigners. Be ready to have your nerves shaken as you take the leap!

Mountain Biking.

Testing your stamina and a desire to pace through rough terrain, the Mountain biking adventure through serpentine trails in Nepal is an adventure sports activity rising in popularity. A picturesque backdrop of the Himalayas and an equally beautiful landscape full of deep valleys and ravines allow enthusiasts to discover their biking skills along treacherous trails as these routes take you to some of the popular destinations in this country.  Mountain Biking in Nepal can be done in Kathmandu or can be taken as far as the Upper Mustang region. Famous routes include the lower Everest region, Annapurna circuit as well as a biking adventure from Pokhara to Kathmandu. It is for those who can endure physical strain and cope up with stretches of beautiful vista with their eyes on the road.



A major outdoor activity in Nepal is Paragliding in Pokhara. Nothing beats flying across the landscape akin a bird, or does it? It only gets better with aerial views of the Himalayas (Annapurna, Dhaulagiri, and Machhapuchhre ranges) and that of Phewa Lake and Pokhara city. The sweeping air gashes against you with the setup gliding you past lush green hills, monuments, and monasteries. Take off from a hilltop and steady pace past the landscape and land by the Phewa lakeside. tandem Paragliding in Pokhara can be booked with an instructor or solo, as long as you have a valid license. For those enthusiasts willing to train, regional and foreign companies offer a licensed course. A guided paragliding trip will cost around $75 and can be booked once you arrive in Pokhara.  However, the prices may fluctuate according to the travel seasons and it is best to have it checked via the trip agency of your choosing.


 Helicopter Tour And Mountian Flight.

Helicopter and domestic flights are a luxury in Nepal and a tour on any one of them to the remote hills and Himalayas is an imperial experience. the Heli and Mountain flight tours take you to the most remote settings in a blink of an eye. From the hidden valleys in the Dolpo region to the base camp of Mount Everest, these tours introduce Nepal's pride and rich diversity. Most of the Himalayan range including the Mt Everest (8848m), Lhotse (8414m), Nuptse (7861m), Makalu (8463m), Ganesh Himal (7422m), and Kanchenjunga(8586m) are on display on a mountain flight to Khumbu, whereas, we fly over the Annapurna (8091m), Machhapuchhre (6997m), Dhaulagiri (8167m), and Manaslu (8163m) on a flight to Pokhara. The Heli tours are much more of an adventure as it takes us to distant locations like Langtang and Gosainkunda along with Everest and Annapurna base camps.

Heli tours in Nepal is operated by Simrik air, Air Dynasty while the Mountain flight by Buddha Air and Yeti Airlines. For Heli tour, price varies depending on the package while Mountain flights come around $200. The prices of these tours are dependent upon the travel season so it is best to be in contact with a trip organizing agency to get a reasonable rate.

The list drags on and on with activities such as Zipline adventure and Jungle safaris but above listed are 5 of the most popular outdoor activities that will make your stay a memorable one. The land of Himalayas is not only about the Himalayas but ventures that will make your moments everlasting. All of the mentioned activities can be undertaken upon confirmed booking. None of them require specialized permits although it is advised you consult the tour operators beforehand to avoid unnecessary delays. Plunge into the strong waters or take a leap of faith-test your stamina on a mountain bike or go soaring with the Eagles, let's go outdoors in Nepal!