Nar Phu Valley Trek: Experience Unexplored Himalayan Wilderness

Nar Phu Valley Trek

Wheezing you close in on the summit with prayer flags thronging a Chorten. Try and catch your breath as one of the highest points of this trip calls. And then you make it! This will be your story of the exploration of the hidden wilderness along the Annapurna circuit. Welcome to Narphu valley!

Churn up a mix of lonely setting, menacing terrain, and a trail that goes back and forth along pointy granite outcrops leaving you breathless-this is Nar Phu Valley trek for you. An off-the-beaten-path trip, Nar Phu Valley. was opened for trekking in 2002 which makes it a fairly pristine trail. And mind you, it’s not only the trail that’s fascinating. Nepal is all about unbeatable natural beauty and the Nar Phu Valley trek gives you a taste of spectacular wilderness to the far north of the Annapurna region. The flawless valleys, gorges, and ravines add to the terrifyingly beautiful drops clearing your way for gorgeous vistas of the Annapurna Massif Himalayan Range. a strenuous climb leading to Kang La pass (5320m), the highest point of this trek, will be as fascinating as passing through beautiful settlements of Manang and Ngawal. Serene Pastures and religious shrines like Muktinath Temple, Tashi and Barga monasteries will reflect on the lifestyle and culture of Himalayan communities with a prevalent Tibetan influence.  With features evident to those willing to explore, Nar Phu Valley trek offers more than one can behold.

This journey starts in Kathmandu.  Bustling streets with folks from all over the world will be a throwback to the disoriented setting before we venture further into the remote countryside. The trail-head at Besisahar lets you enter the wilderness and continues ahead along Jagat and Dharapani. The trail further leads to Koto where the trails in Annapurna circuit Trek split off and heads to Nar Phu Village, up the valley.

The Nar Phu valley Trek itself is an enthralling adventure with parts of it disappearing as you read along. More so, keep your eyes open for snow leopards and blue mountain sheep. Every once in a while a train of yak or mule might nudge you along narrow tracks. The Bhatia community and other indigenous natives use the trail to connect with trade points for essentials. While no single person enjoys people flocking their homeland, it’s not the case with Nepalese and especially the Himalayan folks; as long as our culture and mutual space are respected. As a saying goes, one visits Nepal for the Himalayas and then returns for the people.

Concurrently, a host of the tea house and red-side eateries have made this Trek accessible to backpackers on a budget with nothing mandatory except permits and an obligatory guide. And how well these permits work; as they let you into the world of Nar, Phu, and Manang villages. Phu village, for one, houses Tashi Lhakhang Monastery-one of 108 important Buddhist monasteries while the monastery at Nar Phedi is a marvel placed by towering hills. Manang, a village in the Marsayangdi valley, offers scenic views of Annapurna, Manaslu, and Gangapurna Himal ranges that form a jaw-dropping group of mammoth mountains.

Then comes the Kang La Pass (5320m)! Kissing the skies, and one of the highest points of this trek, the trail leading to this pass is no piece of cake. It will hit you hard as he walks past mellow fields and pastures will be a stark contrast when you tread an alien terrain with tumultuous vigor and occasional slips (mind the loose rocks). On top of that, the path filled with tattered prayer flags and plush clouds of the valley striking the hills will make for a dream climb as you pant all the way up. And then an eye-catching scene of the Annapurna range rewards you up top. Star-struck by the event and after capturing the glorious vistas, head down as you set off for the final leg of this trip.

A trip to the mystical  Muktinath shrine resting at the moraine of Annapurna valley is the ultimate stretch. Mystical? Well, it is encircled by 108 holy taps, yes! Holy taps and two ponds where a dip is believed to rinse off your sins and rid you off worldly ignorance. But another grueling pass, the Thorung La (5416m), along with the Annapurna circuit, tests your grit. As you continue to the top, the usual yet insatiable views of snowcapped peaks skyjack the panorama. Then the descent to Muktinath and then to Jomsom will run past Kali Gandaki gorge and the lower Annapurna valley. The never-ending scenery of serene valleys and huge mountains will be a fleeting memory as you catch a flight back to Pokhara. Overwhelming emotions of having conquered one of the arduous trails is bound to take over. This 20-days trek never fails to reach the heights of your expectation and is a catch at USD 1650.

While a restricted area, Nar Phu Valley Trek in Nepal offers the best of remote settings and a timeless landscape stretching up the Tibetan plateau. The Nar Phu valley trek takes you along secluded Nar & Phu villages linked to the Annapurna circuit and lower Annapurna regions along high passes. This trek transports you from the confines of cubicles and boardrooms onto a wilderness that stretches kilometers asking you to take it on.