Why with Us?

Careful attention during your stay in Nepal

We understand that our travelers come from all around the world, hence to make them feel more welcomed in the country we constantly debrief them about what to expect here. Be it the cultural aspects, safety measures to undertake or simply basic information about the country, we make sure all of it is committed well to you. This ensures that our travelers can be prepared for their interactions with locals and remain cautious when dealing with uncomfortable situations. The focus is always the travelers for us and hence we remain mindful of discomforts they may feel and try and assist them with our knowledge and skill sharing. We also try to understand our travelers as much as possible before traveling, so that we adapt to their personalities and give them exactly what they desire; be it companionship or expertise.

Veteran and Expert Guides

Our staff has years of experience behind them and when it is the question of traveling the Himalayas nothing quite trumps experience. A skilled tour guide can help you pass difficult terrains with ease, brief you on what to expect and knows exactly what each traveler needs. Their experience has made them well acquainted with all the areas, the culture and the people enabling for a smooth transition from the plains to the Himalayas in their guidance. Their expertise and competence allow them to quickly identify emergencies and act accordingly. Also, having had years of interactions with people from different parts of the work, apart from being certified and skilled travel guides, they are also very good with people. Complete packages of great interpersonal and mountaineering skills, the guides display their proficiency during the trips entertaining the Himalayan domain of the nation.

Eco and Responsible Tourism

We are able to provide you with these journeys because of Nepal's naturally blessed beautiful landscape and we would like to continually do this for years to come. However, in order for all of us to enjoy these glorious views and treks, we have to act responsibly. We are aware that tourist activities can considerably damage the natural flora and fauna of the country hence, we make it a priority to be a business that practices eco and responsible tourism. This starts off by being accountable, we are extremely aware and mindful of our actions when involving nature, cleaning up after ourselves, leaving the very little footprint behind. Our staff members also use the same practices. We often brief our explorers as well and make sure that we move forward in our travels with ample respect to nature.

Trained for emergency

Our veteran staff members are trained for all kinds of difficult situations. Working with the Himalayas, at times, can pose many barriers, and during such times you need a quick-thinking leader who can navigate you in safety. Our staff members and their multiple backup plans which are tried and tested will help you during such times. Moreover, our team is constantly learning new ways to respond to the emergency with regular workshops and medical training.

Local Support through business

We also help local rural villages on route trekking with financial support. We maintain hygiene, sanitation, trail standard and conduct reforestation activities to help preserve nature. Above all, we help local educational institutions by providing them with reading material and volunteers to build the damage school and the villages. When you book with us you are not just traveling and enjoying the views but also giving back something to uplift the local villages. We save at least 15 to 20 % from every trip for the many charities that we are engaged in.

Tailor Made Itineraries

Travelling is different for everyone; some want chaos and adrenaline while others want tranquility and peace. Whatever your preference for traveling maybe we have it covered for you. In the beginning, our team asks you for your ideal travel scenario, and based on your responses, we suggest the travel plans for you. These suggestions can be further tailored to suit your personal taste. These tailor-made itineraries work especially well for school, corporate groups, and families. With options of varied travel packages, the options are endless for you to customize your travel fun!

Holiday for all age groups

Our wide range of trips entails Nepal, Bhutan, and Tibet. Additionally, our age inclusive travel packages make it easy for anyone to travel. We have customized packages for families, children under 15 years of age or even elderly over 65. Traveling should not have an age limit and hence it on us to give everyone the gift of a good time. Moreover, our handy staff will compile the best kind of traveling for you based on your preferences! So traveling with minors? Worry about absolutely nothing as we handle your exploration and logistics.